Baking and the holidays go hand in hand. When you are craving something guilt-free and easy, try baking some Healthy Banana Oat Cookies. Your …

Located in north Ames, Soper’s Mill is a 16-acre historical site on the Skunk River and offers activities including canoeing, kayaking, stream fishing and hiking. While floating on the river is best when the water level is high, there are also river hazards such as log jams and sharp turns.

With busy work and class schedules, it can be difficult to enjoy the natural beauties Ames has to offer. However, becoming one with nature is a healthy way to cleanse the mind and soul from toxic stress. Whether you are ready for an afternoon drive or a weekend getaway, check out these local hiking spots.

Although Iowa is commonly thought of as flat, hidden away in Madrid, Iowa lies magnificent canyons and bluffs, with sandstone ledges rising nearly 100 feet above creek beds. A 23-minute drive from Ames, Ledges State Park offers outdoor activities such as camping, boating and fishing.

Tucked away off Duff Avenue, Inis Grove Park offers basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, tennis courts and a large nature area. The park includes hiking trails that wrap around the Skunk River and provide opportunities to see streams and wildlife, such as deer, frogs and insects.

Wednesday, The Fashion Show torch was passed. Several students involved in The Fashion Show and faculty and staff of apparel, merchandising and design gathered in Morrill Hall to view the winning garments of the Fashion Show displayed in the Textiles and Clothing Museum, but also to hear the announcement of who the new producers for the 2019 Fashion Show would be.

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Iowa State designers, models and fashion show members were in full effect this week at the fittings in order to prepare for this year’s 2018 fashion show. The third floor of Lebaron Hall was partially taken over in order to execute this event.


The ISU Fashion Show has selected their four judges that will evaluate the pieces that will make their way down the catwalk during this year’s show. The four judges are field professionals that work in all areas of the fashion industry.


The opening ceremony of an exhibit titled Queer Fashion and Style: Stories from the Heartland opened Friday night in the Textile and Clothing Museum located in 1015 Morrill Hall. The exhibit opening began with a lecture chronicling the exhibit itself and what it took to build the exhibit and the importance of giving a narrative to the history of queer fashion history that has been forgotten.

The week before finals, or Dead Week, can go any number of ways- it can be productive and help students get ready for final exams, or it can be the week people decide to catch up on sleep, whether that is a good decision. 

Even students who are psyched and can’t wait for independence away from parents still find themselves missing home.

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