Students performed during the fourth annual CyFactor talent show at the Alumni Center Tuesday night. Photos by Ashley Siegner

Motivation has dwindled for most students as first exams, papers and projects begin to appear on the course calendar. Distractions affect even the best of students, but there are ways everyone can combat them.

A common genre disliked among people everywhere is horror. Horror movies, haunted houses — Halloween even — are thought of as creepy, gory and straight-up terrifying. The scary effect of music alongside movie scenes, scary costumes and the amount of fake blood and creepy props can be too much for some people. 

Food delivery apps are one tool that helps make college life easier, and while there seems to be a surplus of food delivery apps that students have access to, each one is different in its own way. Cost, efficiency and quality of the app are deciding factors that play a key role in which app students choose for their food delivery needs.

For indie pop and rock inspired singer and multi-faceted musician Max Frost, the youth is where it’s at. Despite only attending college at the University of Texas-Austin for a year, his passion and enthusiasm for performing lies directly in correlation with the energetic nature of young people.

Everyone’s worst nightmare, aside from showing up to class in nothing but their underwear, is acne. The small, four-letter word can cause major problems, especially in college. From eating an overabundance of sweets to stressing over the next calculus exam, acne stems from a number of things.

Since the impeccable and infectious “Saturation” trilogy of 2017, BROCKHAMPTON has amassed a large, dedicated fan base with their emerging style of pop infused hip-hop. The group’s outlook was exciting for not just their fans, but for the future of music. A creative and fresh take on hip-hop with heavy helpings of personality and chemistry captured the group's mainstream relevancy and a $15 million RCA deal.

When the iconic 2000s pop-punk single “Check Yes Juliet” released to platinum-certified success, today’s Iowa State students were experiencing the turbulent times of middle school. Travis Clark, lead singer and guitarist of We The Kings who penned the song, was far from the person he is in 2019. 

Iowa State’s free movie experience returns this fall with a variety of new films to meet your movie-going needs. Screenings are held every weekend in Carver 101, Thursday through Sunday at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. All screenings are free and open to the public. For more information, visit SUB's website.

Ames is known for many things, from its Cyclone pride to the Main Street events. The city is also known for its intense coffee culture and, so many people have different specific tastes, ranging from an iced americano to a vanilla latte with two pumps of caramel.

As new diets and fitness plans surface, students are taking the initiative to reform old habits, but finding the time and energy for diet and exercise can be a barrier when striving to start a healthy lifestyle.

As another school year approaches, Netflix continues to add new titles and seasons to pre-existing shows. The streaming platform regularly adds new titles throughout each month, and August packs some pretty exciting films and shows. In the midst of moving in, buying textbooks and going to those first few days of class, here are a few titles to look out for on Netflix to take a break from it all.

Darian Everding had just began working at the London Underground when a family of six walked in and sat down at her bar for a celebration. The oldest had just graduated from Iowa State. Everding served and got into some interesting conversations with the family before they left the bar.

Moving into a new apartment can be challenging with all the fees and transportation — especially transforming that space into an area that feels like home. Here are some tips to consider when you're ready to start decorating. 

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