Students performed during the fourth annual CyFactor talent show at the Alumni Center Tuesday night. Photos by Ashley Siegner

Editor's Note: this article is part of a series of contributed pieces from Joe Fetherling, member of Delta Upsilon fraternity and vice president of philanthropy for the Interfraternity Council. This series will highlight different philanthropies taking place in Iowa State's sorority and fraternity community, as well as what philanthropy means to members of the community. 

A quiet anticipation filled the room as models of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds prepared to hit the stage for the 2018 Fashion Show. Behind the stage, Stephens Auditorium was an array of platform heels, pins, and hangers as students worked quickly to ensure models looked their best before walking the runway.

Skylar Grey will be hosting Cyclone Voice, Iowa State's annual singing competition, tonight in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union. Grey is known for songs such as "Glorious" and "Coming Home, Part II."

The farmers and the cowmen hit the stage one final time for the closing performance of "Oklahoma!" on Sunday April 8, giving the nearly sold-out audience lots of laughs, great acting and an overall fun time.

American pop duo Timeflies is going to be finishing up the "Too Much to Dream" tour later this month with not only one, but two stops in Iowa. On April 11, Timeflies will perform at Wooly’s in Des Moines and again on April 13 in Iowa City at the Blue Moose Tap House.

Primary Health Care’s new mobile testing unit made its debut on campus Wednesday as a part of Green Dot Action Week, giving free screenings for HIV and STI testing to students in an effort to promote normalization of regular sexual health checkups.

"Oklahoma!" has been gracing American stages for years, and few are immune to the catchy title song that has a tendency to infiltrate one’s brain and leave them humming "where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain" long after leaving the theater.

Arts + Issues, a program that has been running at Iowa State since 2016, may be cancelled in the coming school year due to lack of community attendance. This program has been hosting student-led discussions once a month, but low attendance numbers have cancelled recent events.

Now that many people can access some form of camera through smartphones, one might assume that painted portraits are no longer needed to record the appearance of a person. But the tradition still continues at Iowa State, as shown in the “Face Value” exhibition at the Petersen Art Museum.

These recipes are based with pre-treated flour and no eggs. Pre-treated flour can be made in an oven or microwave to reduce bacteria. Both methods work well, just be sure to use a food thermometer to ensure that the flour is above 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s way too early on a Saturday morning, but you’re already awake. The TV is blaring, and action figures are scattered all over the floor. The ridiculous cereal advertisements and goofy cartoons starring Power Rangers or Transformers rot away at your brain. The drama is contrived, the acting is awful, most of the characters are annoying anyway, but you’re six, and in the end, it’s all about the giant robot fights.

For years, actors have expanded their talent by producing music and going on tour. Looking at some of the classics like Jared Leto, Will Smith and many Disney stars, we can see how talented one person can be.

March 20, 2018 marks the first day of spring. Chances are, you may have a case of cabin fever, and are itching to get outside. Here are a handful of places to go and things to do in Ames and the surrounding area to enjoy the fresh air and warm(er) weather.

From some of our favorite young adult books, to new and noteworthy releases, check out this list of three well-known young adult authors, and three debuting young adult authors for an easy start in the genre.

Spring break is the time to get away for college students, but with it comes travel. Whether you are traveling nearby or seeking warmer weather, driving or flying, the commute itself can be stressful and unbearable without a distraction. What better remedy than music?

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