Spencer Hughes and Hillary Kletscher were sworn into office on April 8, 2013 as the next president and vice president of the Government of the Student Body.

Andrew Gall, 2012-2013 chief of staff, hosted the inauguration of the 2013-2014 ISU GSB executives and senators.

“I have no doubt the incoming members will handle their roles with the utmost integrity,” Gall said. “The next year’s group will continue to do an outstanding job of serving students.”

The newly inaugurated executives each had an opportunity to give their first address.

“The Government of Student Body represents every student at this university. It’s vital for each of us to understand what that means,” Hughes said. “This promise is nothing new, and over the last three years, I can confidently say we have made strides as an organization to do more for students.”

“GSB is so much more than a group that gives money to student organizations. We need to make changes by seeking out the issues and using our resources to solve those problems.”

Kletscher spoke about the importance of talking and taking action. “If, at the end of the year, we had 10 great conversations and there is no proof on campus, than we did it wrong,” Kletscher said.

The outgoing executives also said farewell to GSB and wished all of the incoming senators luck with their new responsibilities.

“There are gong to be a lot of times it’s going to be you and maybe one other person fighting for students, and those are going to be the only people who knew what you were doing today,” former president Jared Knight said.

“If you’re doing this for public recognition, then there’s the door. But if you love what you’re doing and you’re passionate about serving students, it doesn’t matter that there’s anybody else in the room.”

Senior Vice President of Student Affairs Tom Hill also spoke at the inauguration.

“I honestly feel like I have the best job in America,” Hill said. “When you find yourself doing what you would do for free, it’s all good.”

Hill spoke about the importance of the work GSB does and how many students and administrators they impact. “Making a difference in the lives of others, that’s the key. If you’re not in this thing to serve, you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere,“ Hill said.

“This is the sixth increased year of student enrollment, so that means GSB has additional opportunities and additional responsibilities. I would encourage you to work even harder to do a better job. When you speak, I want you to know you are representing the voice of the people who chose you.”

“You should talk to people who don’t look, think or act like you. You need to represent them as well. Can people tell what you value by the way you act on a daily basis? That’s what leadership’s about,” Hill said.

The inauguration was held in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union. The new GSB Senate will hold its first meeting April 10.

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