sexual assault awareness

Sexual assault awareness ribbon.

I support very strongly the men and women who have and have yet to come forward because I have friends and an aunt who was abused. The most important thing to be for a person who went through sexual harassment is to just be there for them. I have learned that it is important to let these people know they are heard and understood for what they went through. To validate and make sure they are not alone is all you can give to these people in your lives.

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Paul Dunca

In a class action, several plaintiffs (the “lead plaintiffs”) sue the same defendant on behalf of a group usually with the same or similar legal injuries caused by the same production or same action. The judgment or settlement therefore will cover all members of the group or class. Check out the dallas sexual assault lawyer for more information. In countries that don’t provide for class action, similar legal proceedings may be called “mass tort litigation” or “multiparty/multi-district litigation.”

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