Students looking out their windows watch the campus they call home blanketed in snow. They question whether they should embrace the snowfall or begin hibernating.

If you are one to enjoy the outdoors and adore the sight of snow, bundle up and grab some friends from down the hall to experience Iowa’s lovely weather.

There are numerous outdoor activities to do during the winter season from sledding to making snow angels or building a snowman.

Some students may choose to go ice fishing at a nearby pond or trek through snowy trails. While others choose to skip out on the tundra and binge watch the hottest show while snuggled up in their sheets.

To avoid pure laziness and the other side effects winter comes with, the Ski and Snowboard Club on campus is fitting.

The Ski and Snowboard Club is a recreational and competitive team offering an environment where students can make new friends with a common interest.

“There are lifetime, die hard skiers and snowboarders then there are skiers and snowboarders who pick it up for the first time,” said Taylor Goodness, a senior in mechanical engineering and president of the club. ”It is a variety of skill so no worries of being the only one going through difficulties.”

The club has about 75 members with different skill levels from amateurs to advanced skiers and snowboarders.

“I highly encourage students to try skiing or snowboarding at least one time,” said Ryan Fransen, a senior in mechanical engineering and treasurer of the club. “My pointer is to come in with an open-mind. This is not something that comes natural to everyone but with motivation and positivity you will pick it up pretty quickly.”

To join the club there is a $40 due with the access of social events and discounted passes, gear and trips. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays members get discounts for riding. The club takes two trips to Colorado and other areas over winter and spring break.

“The club is aware it is an expensive sport ... that is why the club provides discounts with supplementing the cost of passes and equipment to help students get on the hill who have wanted to but never had the opportunity to,” Fransen said.

There is niche for each student whether it is freestyle races or leisure activities. The club offers an opportunity for students to be a part of the race team.

“There is no skill requirement for the race team, it is based off of interest,” Fransen said. “The race team is a way to get out every weekend and get around the Midwest while riding on different resorts.”

The team competes all around the Midwest on the weekends. It is the clubs goal to compete at regionals and nationals every year.

“If you are interested in freestyle or racing competitively we would never turn you down,” Goodness said.

Wherever there is snow the team will go. They travel to places near and far such as, Seven Oaks Recreation in Boone, Iowa, and Chestnut Mountain Resort in Galena, Illinois.

“This is my favorite thing about Iowa State,” Fransen said. “Snowboarding is my passion, which is why I am passionate for this club.”

When there is no longer any more snow on the ground, the club will have get-togethers at Jeff’s Pizza, Sky Zone as well as cookouts.

“It is nice having another friend group outside of my other friend groups,” Goodness said. “These friends in this club share the same interest I have for this sport.”

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