Stars Over Veishea celebrates its 91st performance with its selection of “Into the Woods.”

This musical goes beyond the happily ever after theme viewers are familiar with and gives fairytales a twist.

The story begins with a baker and his wife who desperately wish for a family of their own when an encounter with a witch puts a curse on them.

Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and Snow White are just a few characters that must face the consequences of their wishes while embarking on adventures.

Ethan Peterson, senior in performing arts, will be performing in his fourth Stars over Veishea as the narrator.

As the narrator, Peterson acts as someone on the outside, much like the audience. He is responsible for helping the characters go through their stories while listening to their entirety. 

“It's playing on all these fables we all think we know, and what our responsibilities are to those stories and what their duty is to us," Peterson said. "Ultimately though, it's not much of a fairy tale without someone there to say 'Once upon a time.'"

Peterson mentions that "Into the Woods" has had the largest number of people auditioning since he has been involved with Iowa State’s theater program. 

Grace Warren, senior in music, will be playing Cinderella in her second appearance during Stars over Veishea. 

As Cinderella, Warren notes that many of the costumes are not your stereotypical designs.

“Our costume designer, Kelly Schaefer, has come up with a really interesting concept that puts a unique twist on the traditional fairy tale look,” Warren said. 

"Into the Woods" plays on a variety of themes and take-home messages that the audience will surely pick up on.

“There are so many lessons to be learned from 'Into the Woods.' One overarching concept is that the journey through the woods represents the journey through life,” Warren said.

Veishea celebrates the colleges of Iowa State and their uniqueness. This year’s lead performers and cast represent a variety of majors, ranging from music to engineering. 

“It's always exciting to get to share the work we've done and a show we're proud of, but with Stars over Veishea, we're part of something so much bigger,” Peterson said. “Plus, how many other shows do we get to do where the audience is still wiping cherry pie off their mouths when they walk in?”

What: Stars Over Veishea presents "Into the Woods"

When: 7:30 p.m April 4, 5, 11 and 12; 2 p.m. April 6 and 13 

Where: Fisher Theater

Cost: All adults $24, students $16

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